November 22, 2008

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November 17, 2008

Laptop Security

Laptops, which now-a-days a have become the prime target of thefts and security breaches can be secured by using various laptop security measures. Now-a-days only software or only hardware laptop security is not enough for protecting the computer. A combination of both is considered to the best security solution that can protect against almost all threats. One must remember that merely installing and anti-virus software or anti-spyware software or any other anti-software is not enough for laptop security, a regular check and update of these installed software is very necessary in order to counter the latest viruses and malwares.

Software laptop security is comparatively easy and can be achieved by downloading different types of anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc kinds of software. The only drawback is that the software need to be updated regularly. Software firewalls come with number in-built software like anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, anti-popup, etc. Most of the firewalls are very flexible and easily get accustomed to the pre-installed anti-software. Everyday a new virus is found; hence it is very important to at least have 1 anti-virus software for optimum laptop security.

Never forget to use and update anti-spyware software in addition to the anti-virus software for laptop security. Spywares are not viruses and are not detected by anti-virus software. Spywares if present on your machine can cause damages and are also a threat to your personal information and your data.Computer security cables are also great for laptop security. They are very safe and the best way to keep your secure. The computer security cables come in various forms like the ones having an anchor or the ones having an alarm system, they also come in combination lock format.

Computer security cables are very strong and protect your computers and laptops form being stoles. These cables are available in varying length and sizes and each serves a different requirement. Many come with steel plated locks, while some come with alarm, a few come with micro-chip which can be inserted in the security slot on your machine. These cables help you fix your laptop to a permanent spot and make it rigid. These cables are very sophisticated laptop security tools and come at an affordable price.Network laptop security is another aspect that needs updated and stringent security settings. Even if one laptop on the network gets infected then it can pass the infection to all other computers on the network. Computers on a network are a threat to each others security. A lapse in security settings of even a single machine can affect and damage the whole laptop security network. The computers should be individually protected as well as the laptop security network as a whole should have protection from security breaches.Save My

System Ltd offers all types of computer and laptop security solutions. Please call us from anywhere in London to avail of our services.

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How To Choose A Cheap Computer Laptop

For those who are budget-strained but want to stay connected to the Internet for work or fun purposes, the only resort they can take is to find a cheap computer laptop. Talking about cheap does not necessarily mean sacrificing the quality of the product. There are just some factors to take into consideration when buying a product at a fraction of its cost.

When looking for a cheap computer laptop, you have to first do a research on the brand and model of the laptop that you want to buy. Once you identify the computer laptop that you want, you can shop around and compare the prices of the said model from the various online stores that are carrying its brand.

Sometimes, you will encounter offers which you cannot resist, like ultra-low prices for the laptop that you want, but if your instincts tell you that such an offer is too good to be true, then it probably is. If you are having doubts about the price of the laptop that you want, you can ask the help of their customer service to check why it is being sold really cheap.

The next way to find a cheap computer laptop is to find one that will fit what you need. Oftentimes, people pay a large price to have the most modern laptop that are packed with features that they care nothing about so if you only need a laptop that will allow you to surf the net or do the basic desktop needs, then you can really save on the price of your computer laptop.

Another way to get a cheap computer laptop is to wait for technology to advance. Haven’t you noticed that when Pentium IV was introduced to the market, the prices of the Pentium III processors went plummeting down because they were considered slow? You should take advantage of this phenomenon and not get affected by the stigma of having the latest and fastest laptop. Remember, all you want is a functional yet cheap computer laptop and you will get all of these with the second best one around.

If you don’t mind buying a refurbished model then you can save hundreds by finding a dealer that sells a refurbished computer laptop. A refurbished laptop is just a laptop that has been sent back to the manufacturer for repair and is sold the second time at a very good price. With a refurbished model, you will still have the same quality of a new one except that it isn’t really new.

But if you want to save further on a Computer Laptop, you can look for a used laptop because these are usually sold at a very low cost. You just have to watch out when attempting to buy a used computer laptop by knowing the reason why it is being sold.

With these tips on how to buy a cheap laptop, you will surely find something that will fit your needs just right and will cause no holes in your pockets.

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How To Remove Trojan Virus

Two weeks ago strange things started to happen on my PC. The system was running extremely slow and every time I opened my browser pop-ups for online casinos and pc games came up.

Then, Firefox quit working. The Internet Explorer was working, but it was extremely slow and my homepage changed with every start. And hundreds of pop ups came out of nowhere.

Fortunately my antivirus program was still working. But it couldn’t detect any worms, Trojans Viruses or other malware. I didn’t know what to do. Maybe my antivirus program wasn’t that good was my next thought.

So I downloaded nearly every free antivirus program I could find online. I was ready to remove the Trojan virus on my computer. I ran the endless scans, but the results were disappointing.

There were some infections, which I instantly deleted – but no Trojan Viruses were found. I restarted the system several times but the symptoms were still there – the system was running awfully slow, pop ups were killing me, I was redirected every 10 seconds to some commercial sites…

And it got worse: now, some programs weren’t working (Word, ITunes). So I tried to post my problems in an online expert-forum.

The topic “How to remove a Trojan Virus” was quite popular, but it took some time, before somebody could give me some useful tips. Most people – including the experts – recommended me the program HiJackThis. This program scans the computer and creates a list of differences from a known spyware-free environment.

I ran the scan and even posted my log-file in the expert-forum. After one day, the “experts” told me there were no suspicious activities. I couldn’t believe it! I could feel there was a Trojan virus involved. The question “How to remove a Trojan virus” was already on my lips. But even HiJack couldn’t help me…?

The problem with HiJack is that it lists tons of processes running on your system. But that’s it! It’s up to you to decide which ones are “the bad ones” and need to be removed. And even worse: if you delete something wrong, it can cause significant damage to your system.

I was helpless and desperate – even the experts who studied several of my log-files couldn’t help me. And all the problems were still there – by now for some reason Opera quit working.

I was seriously thinking about buying a new PC! On the edge of despair, I read some reports from other guys in the online-forum who had the same problems – and successfully got rid of them. A lot of them were talking about a program called NoAdware – and how it helped them to find and remove the infections on their systems.
I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a try – particularly because the scan was free. Believe it or not – I was surprised. The program found 14 infections, among the Trojan Horses Vundo and ConHook and some Trojan-agents.

And the program was even able to delete them. I restarted the system and suddenly the all the programs worked like before – almost. There were no more pop ups and no more redirections to unknown sites. But the system was still a bit slow.

So I repeated the test. The result showed still some infections – but no Trojans. I pushed the delete-button and after the next restart - finally - my system was running like before. I couldn’t believe it. It was such a great feeling of relief.
I wish I had NoAdware on my system from the beginning and could save all the time I wasted trying to delete the Trojan horses on my own, endless reading and posting in online forums

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October 25, 2008

How to increase traffic

If you are in the business of Affiliate marketing

then you know there is more to finding the right product and setting up your WEB site. The next hurdle is to drive traffic your way. Here are three ways to accomplish just that.

Article Writing
One way to increase traffic is to write articles and post them to an article directory. Article directories will take your articles free of charge and make them available to the public at large. In exchange for your content you can insert a link to your web site. This will increase traffic to your product site and will increase your sales.
One way to carry through on article writing is to set up a schedule and deliver a set number of articles per month. In this way you increase your exposure and traffic to your site.

Different article sites have guidelines you have to respect in order to get published. Among the most important are: you must be the original author of the written material;
information presented has to be accurate, useful and easy to understand; for some sites, the article must be at least 500 words and not more than 2000; and you must have copyright of the material presented. Some sites will ask for permanent reprint rights before accepting your submission.

Given the guidelines, article writing is one of the best ways to build a customer base while helping others out as they try to make sense of the online environment.

Search Engine Optimization -SEO

The idea behind Search Engine Optimization is to increase the chance of search engines placing your site high in the ranking when someone types in a keyword. You can do this by including keywords in the content of your website so that they are selected by the search engine fingers that search through the web for keywords. You can select keywords by using established keyword tracking tools that rank keywords more apt to be heavily used by your potential customers.

There are SEO tools available online to help guide you through the process of selecting keywords and learning what to look for. Some of the more established affiliate programs will include these tools as part of their offerings to their membership.


Blogging is an activity that has really taken off on the Internet. There are blogs for literally everything that you can imagine. One way businesses drive traffic to their sites is by setting up blogs that customers use to find out about the product or business. You can set up your own blog with your own content and link it back to your own site. You will not only get traffic, but you will get feedback from customers to help keep up with the marketplace.

These are some of the ways you can increase traffic to your site. It will take some time and effort to put in place but it is time well worth it since you will see traffic and revenue increase as a result.

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Internet conections

In the present scenario, the internet is the most sought after way to communicate with the world. It connects you in more than one way, such as you can chat with your friends. Moreover, you can connect through Emailing and can also avail the latest information. Broadband gives you high speed connectivity and the wireless broadband enables you to use the internet anywhere and without any hassle.

The word wireless broadband is defined to be accessing the Internet wirelessly and gaining the high bandwidth speed on your personal computer. And one more thing to get the wireless broadband is involving with the correct digital hardware for accessing the internet. Such hardware can be easily connected with any PDAs, or any laptops computer.

In fact, wireless broadband is running on the source of using the short-range radio waves to generate a tiny area, where your computers can work without any ineffectual wire. You can gain the wireless broadband by stopping into a wireless router. There should be a little, economical computer that does zero but should act as only the center of your network. Then you can fit wireless cards into each one of your computers, either by opening them up and putting it inside or by plugging it in using a cable such as USB or a port. Basically the wireless broadband has carried a great revolution in the market.

When you put in the card and turn up your computer and the router on, Windows will explain you a box and asking you, which wireless network you want to connect to. That means the router will repeatedly create a network. All you need to do is only choosing the exact network and you are on the Internet. And the wireless broadband access is usually no slower than plugging the modem in directly, unless you have very cheap wireless equipment and a very fast internet connection. You can avail lots of benefits of wireless broadband internet. It gives you hassle free communication and surfing to internet.

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Email storage

You can check yahoo mail and get protected against spam and virus. You can check yahoo mail and get 1GB of email storage. you can check yahoo mail anywhere there's a web connection. you can check yahoo mail and use FREE!.

So says yahoo on their main free email site. But do you know you can turn yahoo mail idea into multiple streams of income?. Almost every minute, people from different parts of the world log on to the net to Check Yahoo Mail. They just can't stop coming.

Today yahoo is the most popular site on the net, not because they provide invaluable services free or almost free, but because they satisfy the need of almost all categories of people. They are solution providers.

Can a small business owner succeed like yahoo?, can you have a search phrase as popular as check Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Mail login.

The answer is yes, if you understand the method of providing the right solution to the right people, you will have tons of free targeted traffic flocking to your site, without you spending any extra cost for adverts or search engine positioning.

Just by following the simple steps below:

(i) Understand how/why people browse the net: People are not looking for big names on the net, they are looking for solutions to issues bordering them. but most of the time they don't know the websites that can provide these solutions, so they go through search engines until they find them.

This is what makes "check Yahoo Mail" popular today.

(ii) What you are to do?:

Make your own site be the one they will see when they come searching. Make your own site be among the first ten in the search engines. This you can do without any expertise, without any additional cost. I will teach you.

(iii) Choose your products:

Definitely you can't start another Yahoo Mail site. You can't afford to compete with big corporations online. That will be too costly, but start from something you know; your hobby, passion, work experience, ideas, etc.

(iv) Be well positioned:

Get a profitable keyword linked to your chosen idea or hobby in (iii) above. these are words or phrases that people search for often but are less targeted by other websites.

Today, check yahoo mail is a profitable keyword because it is high in demand and only few webmasters are using it. Your profitable keyword will form your central theme around which you build your business.

(v) Build a theme based site:

For targeted customers to see your products or for your products to get before the right people. You need to build an attractive and search engine friendly website.

You don't need to be a computer tech expert to do this, with a multi-purpose software like SiteBuildIt! you can build a site, host it, and put it in the first page of search engines. This software will do all for you, all together at the most minimum cost.

(vi) You must Presell:

The contents of your site matters most. It determines the action that a visitor will take. It must provide solutions and not a sales letter. People that use Check yahoo mail often do so because they get solutions that are not available elsewhere at the same price.

(vii) Monetize:

When you create an open-to-buy attitude in the mind of your visitors with your content, you can then introduce the product you want to sell as the best solution their problems. You don't even need to create the product yourself, yet you can make multiple streams of income, through;

* affiliate programs with merchants selling similar products to your theme.
* Google Adsense
* Referrer/finder arrangement
* Other models (e.g. e-goods selling, service selling, etc.)

You can check yahoo mail site to see how yahoo partner with other websites to make multiple income, by providing solution to people.

With this simple method you build a small community of people that depends on you to help them get what they need, and they will always come back to you, and grow in number rapidly overtime... a win-win situation.

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